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About us

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read about me and Practical Transformations. It’s my honor and passion to share this work with you. I founded this personal growth platform with the intent to bring emotional freedom to anyone who wants to embark on that journey.

Many programs offer ways to re-write the story in your mind, and Practical Transformations does encompass those elements. What I discovered was that while the personal story needs to be examined and rewritten in order to experience personal freedom, there is usually a tendency to hang on to that story and recreate it again in our lives.

There has to be a way to cut to the chase and get results quickly and really develop a way to find inner peace and KEEP IT!

Why Practical Transformations? I came up in the new age movement and have been to many a ceremony where there was literally howling at the moon. And yes I enjoy that too! But at the end of the day what matters most to me and I believe to most people, is how it FEELS to live life every day. I have lived my life devoted to the transformation of my daily experience and sharing with others so they can do the same.

My personal growth journey began in 1976 at the tender age of 11. I began looking for that elusive “something” missing. I realize now this is unusual but my determination led me to seek answers in traditional and nontraditional arenas. I learned later this is a key moment in each child’s life called the Heart Mandala where we all make a decision of some sort that guides the rest of our lives. I made the decision to find wholeness…God…Love within.

In college, my therapist introduced me to alternative modalities linking body, mind and spirit…so I began looking at the whole person very early on in my journey. Exploration into these therapeutic models led me to apprentice with don Miguel Ruiz in 1987. I traveled the globe to sacred sites and ultimately took my own apprentices as part of my work with him.

As a spiritual “warrior” I learned unbelievable lessons about ego, the nature of the mind and deep energy work to heal emotional trauma. I rigorously faced the elements keeping me from happiness and learned that by embracing the feelings of anxiety, the panic attacks I had experienced since my childhood disappeared. Coupled with a master’s degree in psychology I forged a career in social work and teaching others what I learned in my transpersonal work.

Ultimately I had all the tools to heal my deepest subconscious wounds, and then life gave me the opportunity to do just that!

Despite all the work I had done, what seemed to be hiding from me was what I call the core wound. A deeply held wounding in the heart and mind that many other beliefs are then supported by in an individual’s belief system. As I faced my deepest fears I got the chance to see what I had created in my life and like a hidden treasure hunt, follow each one to the ultimate healing of the core wound.

Anxiety and panic attacks became a thing of the past as my emotional being was freed. The deepest compassion and forgiveness for my own humanity was the result. I discovered that what I thought was broken about me because of the anxiety that I experienced, was actually my strength. A deep peace and joy for living replaced the worry that there was something wrong with me. Everything in my life changed for the better as I learned how to live without labels, freely feeling happy and embracing life’s twists and turns with confidence and sensitivity. Oh and I lost 200 pounds and kept it off as the love and consideration for myself grew while judgment and harshness melted away.

The story of your life rewrites itself as your point of view changes and the wounds of your heart and mind are healed. If it can happen for one, it can happen for all. You deserve to claim your birthright to be happy and free to enjoy your life.

The more I reaped the benefits, the more I began to think about how I could share with others. It is with a deep gratitude that I thought to create an integrated personal growth practice for anyone seeking grounded solutions to resolving deeply human traumas and heartbreak. In a focused and supported way Practical Transformations leads you to creating your own dynamic path to emotional freedom.

There are many tools and inspirational blogs available in addition to the core classes and workshops coming soon. By the end of working with me for 12 months, you will be able to customize your own transformational program to eliminate your anxiety, panic, fear or stagnation, know the steps to take action to overcome your challenges, ask for what you want, and easily make choices in your personal and professional life with excitement and enjoyment.