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Foundations of Feeling


This 8 part video series takes you step by step into the depth work of the Mirror Effect and Freeing the Emotional Body.  Taken incrementally you will learn how to view everything in your life as a mirror reflection and ease into embracing all the emotions and feelings you have without judgement.


  • Deepen awareness of the mind and its illusions
  • Learn strategies to navigate the illusions
  • Delve into your own Core beliefs with new understanding
  • Clear Core beliefs using the Mirror Effect
  • Develop a new relationship between the mind and emotions
  • Strengthen your ability to experience depth of feeling without judging
  • Enjoy the full spectrum of feelings you have without labeling or repressing them


As a result you will begin to move through and clear old patterns in your life!

Foundations of Feeling prepares and supports you for deeper spiritual practices if that is your interest and focus.

Section 1Foundations of Feeling
Lecture 1IntroductionFree Preview

Lecture 2Judging Your StoryFree Preview

Lecture 3Module 1 - Creation of the Mind
Lecture 4Module 2 - Using Your Life as a Teacher
Lecture 5Module 3 - Taking Back Your Power
Lecture 6Module 4 - Waking Meditation & Daily Practice
Lecture 7Module 5 - The Emotional Body
Lecture 8Module 6 - The Search for Happiness
Lecture 9Module 7 - Judgement and Catharsis
Lecture 10Module 8 - Point of View - Develop the Observer