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Sai Shakti Healing

Using the Divine Sai Shakti Channels taught by Sri Kaleshwar, any type of healing is possible whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.  Any ailment can be remedied through these cosmic energy channels.  Catherine began studying healing in 1987 with Don Miguel Ruiz and his mother, renowned healer Mother Sarita. She began working with the Divine Channels through Sri Kaleshwar in 2009.  The first steps in this process are to charge the 5 Elements Mantras which are then used to heal others. Helping others is a cornerstone of his teachings.  Everyone seeking a healing will receive assistance regardless of ability to pay.

Any problem can benefit from a Sai Shakti Healing.  Some of the many results from experiencing these energy channels are

  • Healing heartbreak and depression
  • Increased self acceptance and self esteem
  • Improved relationships personally and professionally
  • Natural development of unconditional love for all beginning with yourself
  • Growing gratitude and forgiveness
  • Peace of mind and heart
  • Freedom from addictions
  • Relief from chronic ailments

Shaktipat Sessions are also a great way to connect to the Sai Shakti Channels.  Sometimes life is good but you want a deeper sense of connection spiritually.  Shaktipat is an energy transmission and your Soul will absorb and use this energy according to your own needs.

Healing sessions are available in person locally in San Diego and via long distance as well. Long distance can be done via video conference or remotely (you would be meditating at the time the healing is happening).

Preparation is needed to ensure that the goal for your healing has the maximum benefit.  A pre-consult to discuss your needs is the first step and then we can schedule the healing time.  At this time healings are available on weekends only.

Schedule a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your desire for healing.


“I had a shaktipat session to follow up a couple of weeks after a healing.  It was really wonderful.  I experienced the love inside myself.  It was like a guided meditation that took me into a place of soul travel.  I was in a bubble of luminous energy.  It was magnetic and felt like angels coming to greet me.” – Dwain R.